Kelpinor has announced their Production Partner Program

Joining forces,
become a partner.

We want to help other cultivators grow their seaweed production. Therefore, we have set up a program where we share cultivation technology and resources with selected partners. With the Kelpinor Production Partner Program, we aim to improve cultivation efficiency, reduce risk and enable higher scalability in kelp farming.

Kelpinor location at Sandhornøya, Gildeskål

Salten Algae becomes a production partner

In mid-febuary, Salten Algae and Kelpinor deployed 5 000 meters of kelpline at location in Kvalnesbukta.

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Global scale, local production

Innovation in aquaculture

Are you a seaweed cultivator in Northern Norway? Every year, we will be inviting 2-3 companies to join our partner program. Reach out by applying here.

Your Locality

Partners need to own or have access an ocean locality with an active permit to cultivate algae.

Kelpinor Seedlings

We make the seedlings for you, using carefully selected ancestry from your location.

Mooring, Rigging and Tech

We help plan and deploy a modern mooring system made for large scale production if you don't have one today.

Scaling Kit

We help facilitate scaling by integrating services like deployment, harvesting and processing.